8-14-04, Reno, Nevada

            Kate’s plane was delayed by lightning in Tucson.  It couldn’t fuel during the storm, which delayed the Tucson - SD leg, which delayed the SD – San Jose – Reno leg.  She otherwise had a smooth flight.  We grabbed a late night meal at the Italian restaurant in the hotel.  A couple of beers later, and off to bed.

            We had breakfast at the Purple Parrot restaurant.

            The nicest thing about Atlantis was the number of sitting areas featuring atriums with comfortable sofas, chairs, and foot rests.  We laid back in the enclosed atrium and swimming pool, watched clouds float over and read the paper.  Then to the Skyview Atrium for a sushi lunch.  We raced over to the sports book to place a bet on the Padres, but it was too late.  The first pitch had already been thrown.

            Back to the room to repair my helmet.  Kate brought my Shoie manual with her.  The visor detached easily, and I tightened up the screws.  It was now back to usable.  I still carried the extra part that fell off earlier, and even with the directions, I couldn't figure out what it did.

            There were scattered thundershowers in the area.  The closest significant action was at Lassen, under a severe thunderstorm warning, but the storm was moving away from us to the northeast.

            Hurricane Charlie hit Punta Gorda as a category IV.  I had no word of the condo’s condition, but it may have been sheltered by condos facing the beach.  The Family De Weerd condo was on the inside of the complex, facing a canal.