8-13-04  Reno, Nevada

            I woke up at 7:30 AM.  After coffee and a shower, I walked back over to bookstore, but it was closed until 11 AM.  I spent the remainder of the time in my room watching the Weather Channel, as Hurricane Charley strengthened and veered towards the Florida Coast.  I also spent a leisurely hour loading the bike.  Finally, at 10:45 AM, I checked out of the Peppermill.  The bike started, but with higher than normal RPM on choke.  I backed it off to 1400 RPM and let it idle while I pulled on my helmet, gloves and sunglasses, and rolled out of the Peppermill parking lot to head back to the Atlantis and to meet my wife.

            About 2-3 blocks down, I stopped at a 7-11 for gas and filled the tank so I could jet out on Monday.

            I continued on S. Virginia past the Atlantis to burn off some of the gas.  A few miles later, a big U-turn in a shopping center parking lot, and I was headed back north on Virginia.

            At the Atlantis, I pulled in near the front entrance.  The Atlantis allows for bikes to park on the cobbled surface next to registration parking and the valet drop off and pick up.  The area is sheltered and roofed.

            I parked next to a shiny red new Honda CBR.  It made my bike look a little dingy, but the KLR towered over the CBR. 

            I booked my room and unpacked the bike.  There was a lot of weight to carry for a significant distance.  My room was in the old motor lodge motel, in the back of the property behind the main building.  I walked back by going around the circumference of the building to the front.

            A Harley had pulled in and parked next to me on the other side.  The KLR was still the tallest.

            Dominic and his tricycle was back.

            The Weathernet anchors:  one talks, eyebrows lifting at every other word, while the other listens, and nods…nods…nods… is that something they teach in broadcasting school?  Why the incessant nodding?  Why the facial gyrations?

            Hurricane Charlie wheeled into Florida.  Our family condo was located in Punta Gorda, in the path of the storm.