Essex Junction,

 Old Route 66, California

I hit rain right outside of Ramona, California, from Santa Ysabel up through the San Bernadino Mountains and down into the desert floor. Once in the desert, the rain turned to isolated showers, typical of the summertime desert climate. At Essex, I ran into light rain, but immediately ahead about 100 yards was a heavy rain shaft right on the roadway. I sheltered in an abandoned restaurant/gas station until the shaft moved away and dissipated.



Navajo Bridge, Arizona - Nevada border

The red mountains in the background are the Vermillion Cliffs. The river is the Colorado, and the canyon is Marble Canyon. The Colorado exits Marble Canyon into the Grand Canyon. The road goes through Jacob Lake near the north rim of the Grand Canyon, across the Kaibab Plateau where it was raining heavily, and down to Fredonia where I had to take my boots off to empty out the rainwater. Hail, Fredonia!